Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Couple of Christmas Pics!

Picture with Santa. This was harder to get than I needed it to be, but it turned out great!
Christmas morning with their stockings.

Makaela checking out all that Santa brought.

Hannah opening what seems like her millionth gift!

Makaela enjoying her presents the next day.

Snow in the Tehachapi mountains. We lied to get up past the road closure team and had the sledding hills ALL to ourselves. Go 4 wheel drive!

On the road up.

Hannah and Joel hiking up the hill. She kept wanting go higher.

Mommy and her special big girl. We thought it too cold to bring Makaela.

Hannah going off the jump. She figured out her pants made a good sledding surface.

Me going off the jump. A little more air than Hannah.

And Joel going off the same jump. Whoa! is all I can say. He was hurting after this one.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This made me laugh so I had to share. I asked Hannah to run up the stairs and put something in my bathroom for me and she turned and looked at me and said, "Mommy, I can't run up the stairs cuz I don't have long legs." I forget how literally kids take things at this age. :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

don't give up on me yet!

Wow! I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post! I hate that about other blogs and hope you can forgive me. I am posting this one from my phone since we are still without Internet in this new house. Yes, we are moved in as of 2 weeks ago though still very much living out of boxes. It has been crazy. We hosted our annual Christmas party for our college friends (over 40 people) on the 20th. So I had to get the house in somewhat of a habitable space so everyone could be comfortable not to mention well fed. Don't worry, we do potluck for this shindig. But then it was Christmas #1 at my dad's on the 24th. Then #2 here at the house with the girls on Christmas morning. #3 at my mom's mom's house in the afternoon, #4 at my dad's mom's that night, and then #5 up at Joel's parent's this whole past weekend. I feel like I have been in a large state of chaos for the past 2 months what with moving out of old house into my dad's and then into our new house from there. Fortunately the hurdles of moving and holidays are behind me and I can attempt to focus on unpacking. I wish I could say I have pictures of various Scrapbooking projects/ gifts to post but none are complete. Not even my Christmas cards. They're still a work in progress. But darn it all, I WILL be sending them out, even if they are a week or two late!!!

Joel, Hannah and I had a great time today in the snow up in Tehachapi (where the inlaws live). Here in So. CA, we don't get much snow so I am in awe when I get to experience it firsthand. Hopefully my phone and Blogger will let me upload a pic from my phone so you can get a small sense of what I saw. It was beautiful!!! I promise to post more pics from the digital camera soon. I just need Internet (ahem ... Joel?).

Hopefully I can post again soon, but if not everyone please have a Happy New Year!!!