Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One thing I forgot ...

MASQUPEN - I heard about this on a blog and was definitely wanting to check it out. Happily, I found their booth. A small one tucked away. I imagine it was not visited by a lot of people, but as word gets out about this neat product, I think they could become a scrapper's-household name.

So a little history about it first. It's been around for many years. It's original purpose was to allow water colorists to keep desired portions of their paper white while painting over it. Basically you paint it on (it has a fine tip brush) to your surface (good on any surface). Then ink, paint, sand blast, etch, etc. over it. When done and your project is dry, simply rub the masquepen off with your finger and voila! Whatever was under the masquepen is left untouched.

Here Irene Tan makes a distressed background using it. Here she uses it to ink in layers. Here she masks using it.

One of the cool samples we saw in the booth was of a hollowed out egg decorated using Tim Holtz alcohol inks. The artist painted the masquepen in swirly designs, let it dry, inked the egg, let it dry, then rubbed the masquepen off leaving a beautiful design.

I am thinking I will try this technique on acrylic or acetate and apply it to my scrapbooking projects. You can also use it to mask off certain areas and ink over it with distress ink. Or what about painting over it. Seriously the product can withstand anything it sounds like.

I am so glad I stopped by this booth. It appears to be a difficult product to locate but their website has a link to retailers. I was hoping my local Michael's carried it in their painting section, but no luck. :( I should write them a letter.

More CHA Likes

Jenni Bowlin - I have heard a lot about her through various blogs I read. Never really sought her out until CHA. She's got cute stuff.

And who doesn't love Basic Grey! Every year they are on it! My fav was Marrakech but all of them were lovely. Porcelain, Wisteria, Lime Rickey = great! And they had great bling stuff too. Rub ons, stickers ... so sparkly.

And Prima! What can I say? I love them!!!! Their wildwood flowers are heavenly! They have some great transparencies, stitched papers and other way cool flowers too.

Little Yellow Bicycle didn't disappoint. They have an awesome line called Zinnia. And another neat travel line as well as baby girl and boy lines. I can't get enough of the baby lines. How cute is this project?

My Litte Shoebox looks super cute. Their booth was too crowded so I couldn't get in to take pictures. But the color combos caught my eye from far away.

Looking for a new way to use those Martha Stewart border punches? Look for this technique on some of my pages, not to mention gifts!

Bella Blvd is a small company with cute lines. Let's hope they can survive to become a big company. I really liked them. This line is called Family Tree. I guess it's been out a little while but it was new to me and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Anna Griffin's "Sierra" line really has me drooling. I love that it is on craft paper. Do you know that for the longest time I had no idea what the heck craft paper was? Well in case you are like me, it's the brown paper. So this line is patterned paper printed on brown as opposed to a white core paper.

I think that sums up my favorites. Now off to look at others' blogs for stuff I may have missed. So sad CHA is over. But now the fun comes from watching what SGT stocks so I can play with new stuff. Yea!!!!

CHA - What I liked ...

Heidi Swapp "Invisibles" paper that have lovely patterns on them that resist ink leaving their design behind them when you're done.
Her masks! OK, I have heard about these before but she demo'd them for us herself and I am in love. A technique I definitely will be using in the near future! Here she is doing a demo with both products.

GlitzDesign had an awesome distressing roller stamp that I can't wait to get my hands on. Read more about them here.

QK has some awesome 3D dies coming out. Go here to see more.

I really liked the entire Sassafras booth. Are they Sassafras Lass still? I don't have good pics of their lines but they are cute. You can see them here.
Really loved PinkPaislee. I have heard so much about them and took time to check them out. Here is their new releases. Nothing I don't like.
Now I need to go get ready for work so will have to post more later. Wish I had more of my own pictures but my came out too dark on some. Grumble. You'd think after 5 years of owning my camera, I would have it figured out!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Proof I have been scrapping

A layout about Hannah and her new bike.

A Christmas layout for Crystal's* son, Aiden.

A Christmas layout for Crystal's* daughter, Rylee.

* Crystal is a cousin of a friend of mine who has been diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer. She is only 34 and has two young children. One of her requests, in addition to prayers, is scrapbooking pages so that she can record memories for her kids. For more infor on her, visit here.

Monday, January 26, 2009

CHA - We came, we saw ...

... and we did it all in one day. I had a good time. The talent that is in the Anaheim Convention Center during CHA is amazing. It's always fun to see how they use the product. These are just two pictures of some creative ways in which ladies used the new Basic Grey lines.

A wooden doll covered in paper. Yup, that's all paper that makes her dress.

A tree covered in Basic Grey buttons.

As I go through more of my pictures, I will try to post some of what I liked. There's some good stuff out there. The trend that Susan and I noticed making a comeback is distressing. Rough paper edges, torn paper, etc.

Monday, January 19, 2009

First post of 2009 - Help a friend of mine.

OK so a friend of mine, te talented Miss Jennifer Priest, entered a scrapbooking contest for QuiKutz and is one of 10 finalists. She's currently in 2nd place and needs several votes in her favor to catch the leader. I would not post this on my blog if I didn't truly think her project is the best of the 10. So, if you're in a giving mood and feel like spending a few minutes, click the link below and vote. You will have to sign in (they ask for the standard name and email). It's safe to do so. Then you can just unsubscribe if they send you any emails. QuicKutz is a cool company on the other hand if you're into scrapbooking. Perhaps you may enjoy their emails.

Hope you're all feelin fine in 2009. Hah! Dorky, I know. Perhaps in the coming days, I will be able to post some pics of the family as well as projects I have been working on.